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Are we nearly there yet?

On a dark night on the Dublin to Kildare commuter route it can be hard to answer this question. If this was Germany you might just look at the timetable, look at your watch and know the answer.

This is where running python on your Nokia Series 60 phone comes in handy.

The PyS60 API includes a location module that allows you to discover the numerical ID of the cell tower your phone is connected to.

Once you know the ID of a tower near your destination you can get the phone to play a sound or other alarm when it encounters that tower.

Anorak lets you assign names to new cell towers as you encounter them (just enter a short description of your current location). This can be a little tedious (predictive text isn't great at place names).

Once you have some cell towers identified you can set up alarms to go off at particular towers. An alarm either means playing a sound or sending an SMS message with your current location to a phone number of your choice.

Note that sending SMS messages of your current location is done entirely at your own risk. No responsibility is accepted if you accidentally use anorak to inform someone you are not where they think you are ;)

If there are sets of alarms that you use regularly you can save them ready to be loaded next time you need them.

Is the train on time?

With a little more work you can load timetables for journeys that you make frequently.

You can then select the train (or bus, coach, horse, bicycle or car) that you are using. Anorak will display how early/late you are running and give you an estimated time of arrival (ETA) at your final destination.

Guido's clock

As an added bonus, one tab of anorak displays Guido's clock, together with a text display of the current time and ETA at your destination.